Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midnight Cookies

Okay... it's really not quite midnight.. and I should be done before midnight. Still... when the boy waits until 5:30 pm to mention he's signed up to bring cookies and chips to the class party Friday, it feels like I'm going to be stuck making midnight cookies.

Paul asked Mac.."How long have you known about this?" "Since yesterday," says Mac. "Well, says Dad," Yesterday you could have expected home baked cookies... today you get what's easy for your mother."

As my mother would say "I was at home when I baked them!"

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Catching Up

It's been interesting, recovering from this surgery. The first week I was taking my pain meds regularly. The second week I began spacing the time out a bit more. This week I've been needing the pain med only at the end of the day. I wake up pain free and make it through most of my day under my own steam. But usually around 6 pm... I am beat and there is pain. Still, I am so much bettter than right after surgery.

Interesting too was Sunday night. We went to Dothan that day to do a bit of necessary shopping. Bookstore, Hallmark store, lunch, and JCPenney for jeans (not necessarily in that order). By the end of it all (maybe two hours max) I was exhausted. Sunday night I just wanted to cry. Don't know why... I didn't hurt too bad and it had been a good day... but I just curled up in my bed and let the tears flow. It wasn't long and I felt better afterwards.. but it was just such an odd thing. Hormone fluctuations, maybe?

Mac has reached his weight loss goal. He looks so good! I need to take pictures and post them. He started out shortly after school began, weighing about 195 lbs. Our two years of homeschooling had definitely taken it's toll. But in just 5 months he's dropped 45 lbs, and has lost 3 pants sizes (thus the need for new jeans)! And he's done most of the work with exercise. He started with walking just a mile a day and slowly worked up to five miles a day... we later added two weight sessions a week, plus basketball playing. As far as food goes, he mostly just began watching portion sizes. This kid lost weight eating pizza and chicken fingers! LOL.
We are now working on tweaking his program so that he quits losing weight. I'm encouraging him to walk fewer miles and give himself a little leeway on the food.

And speaking of weight loss... since the surgery I have now dropped 8 lbs! I am also eating a lot less at mealtimes. Yesterday I took the kids to the gym ... although I couldn't work out with the weights, I did walk a mile on the treadmill while the kids did their thing.

I am looking forward to truly being "back to normal." Each day (minus the Sunday meltdown) I get a little better and that's good. :)