Saturday, October 11, 2008

Reviewing, Renewing and Doing

I recently spent a good part of a day reading my old blog on AOL. I started Last Time at Bat (Checking in ) on March 28, 2005. Paul had just left for Afghanistan and I was using the journal to chronicle that year of separation plus keep me accountable during a weight loss plan. It's over three years later and I am heavier than when I started the journal. HA! Guess it didn't work so well for me on the weight loss. But I have certainly had fun being able to write about the family, life and anything else I've wanted.

It's been a busy week. I had an appointment with the Nutritionist at the clinic on Thursday. I have decided that perhaps I need a more solid plan to use. It was a very good visit. I like this woman. She is empowering, rather than treating me like a recalcitrant child, she helped me to realize what I've known all along... that I can do this,that I know how to do this. And now I may be ready to do this all the way through this time.

We set realistic goals and I have all kinds of things to fill out between now and our next appointment (in 4 weeks). I really want to show both her and myself that I can do this. To that end, I'm following what we set up... but I am staying away from my scale until I see her next.

Friday I had my appointment for the Ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries. Dr. Fontanella is concerned about my low iron and RBC. He wanted this test done, but to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what he's looking for. Interesting side note... the technician asked a few questions before starting the scan (expected questions about problems, history.. that sort of thing)... but then while she was scanning the right ovary, she suddenly asked "Do you ever have pain on your right side?"... NO I don't.. but now I'm wondering what she may have seen to prompt the question... OY!

I see Dr. Fontanella next week, so I'm sure if there is anything I need to know about he'll tell me.

Today, I'm heading out for some retail therapy with the girls. Mac has elected to stay home because as he puts it.."you-all just don't know when to come home!"... LOL

Monday, October 6, 2008

Just roll over, show me your belly, and be done with it.

Paul and I are currently engaged in an e-mail argument. LOL.. and only because he can't quite bring himself to say "I'm sorry" and let it go. He has to keep hammering how I am taking what he is writing the wrong way.

At this point, I have decided that no further good can come from continuing on this particular topic with him... so I am now giving him the cold shoulder by not replying to further e-mails on the topic.
In a couple of days it will all be a moot point anyway. He's so funny.