Monday, November 16, 2009

Seeking Advice from the masses

I have found this great website For just $15.00 a quarter (3 month period), you can sign up for weekly menu plans AND shopping lists. We are saving a lot on food now because with quick and easy recipes at my fingertips we are eating out less often. That is where the real savings (for us) comes in!

Anyway, now I'm at this point where I want to make my grocery shopping trips a bit more productive as well. The fewer trips I have to make to the store for perishables the fewer opportunities I have to impulse buy.

Which leads to my question, I have this great big freezer that I know I could be using more efficiently, but I need advice. Have any of you ever frozen milk to use later? How has that worked for you? We use non-fat milk, now that the kids are teens.. so I think it will freeze well, but I want confirmation. Also, what other items have you found that you can freeze (bread, etc) that came back to room temperature without freezer burn. As a kid, my parents froze everything, but i remember some of that stuff not faring too well, so I need advice from a savvy freezing pro.

Thanks so much! :)

Oh, and on a side note... e-mealz offers several menu plans (low fat, point, coupon, vegetarian). We're using the low fat and so far, there isn't a menu we haven't enjoyed. A few have become our new favorites.