Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pictures from the trip

Our travel plans were to make the drive to Phoenix in two long days. Unfortunately, our plans were changed at the end of the first day. Kendra had new braces put on the Thursday before we left and she was having a difficult time eating our typical "on the road" fare.

For her comfort and nourishment we were forced to use sit down restaurants on the road. That slowed our progress significantly on the first day. We elected to do the last 13.75 hour drive in two days. We arrived in Phoenix on Monday Dec. 22. I took this pictures somewhere between the Arizona Eastern border and Benson, AZ.

We were beginning to seriously lose hope of ever arriving when we finally had some good news :)

Our last hour on the road was under rainy skies.

While at my mother's house, I helped make the annual tamales, taking notes so I can repeat this recipe at home this year (my mother does not measure ingredients, she throws stuff in and tastes). Kendra learned to make tortillas... taking lots of notes so she can make some for her boyfriend.

We spent Christmas Eve with Paul's parents and his older brother and sister in law. Pictures include my three in front of the fireplace, Paul's parents, and Paul (no beard) and his brother, Mark.

Christmas Day was spent at my mother's house with My brother and his family. Here's a picture of Paul and me that Kimberly snapped.

After the disastrously long trip to Phoenix, we decided that we might as well change our travel plans for going home to allow three days again. Traveling west, I noticed a couple of traffic signs that I found amusing. In New Mexico, they seem to take an existential view of dust storms, while in Arizona.. it's much more matter of fact. Heading home, I asked Paul to allow me the opportunity to snap these two signs.

Arizona- matter of fact

New Mexico (as Paul says.."Well, it is the land of enchantment")

Finally, we were treated to some spectacular sunsets during our stay and travel. These two pics were taken in El Paso.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Road is Long...

I have pictures! But as usual... not tonight. It was a long trip, we've just arrived (give or take a few minutes). The holidays were fun and I felt like I accomplished a few things. More later, I promise. Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday of choice.