Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Alabama Images

November 1 downtown Enterprise sponsored a Fall Festival with booths and food and assorted games for the younger crowd. Kim and I went down to check it out. The food smelled great, but the booths of things to buy weren't of interest to us. We walked up and down the street and took a few pictures, then we came home.

This is the back of the Boll Weevil Monument. The monument is the only one that pays tribute to a pest. This monument was dedicated on Dec. 11, 1919 at the intersection of College and Main Streets in Enterprise, AL.

This area used to be a large cotton growing area until the Boll Weevil struck in 1915, destroying so many crops and putting several farmers in jeopard of losing their land. But a Mr. Sessions felt that perhaps peanuts would be a better way to go and convinced a farmer to try that crop.

Here is a view of more of the statue. It sits in the middle of the street, so for safety purposes, it's better to take the pic from one of the street corners.

At any rate, it was due to the decimation of crops by the Boll Weevil that this part of Alabama turned to peanut growing.

These roses are in my front yard. Kim and I spent most of the day working in the garden area. We pulled grass and weeds and generally cleaned things up in the garden bed. Tomorrow we plan on putting in a brick trim around the garden and then laying down some mulch.

This spider is living outside our house, near the high peak of the roof. She stays up there out of our way, so we've let her be. She kind of looks like something out of Star Troopers, but much smaller.

I deserve a cookie!

With everything that has been going on, I haven't had the chance to share my "personal growth" opportunity. LOL

Last week I got an email from Paul telling me that an package would be arriving. He said that it would have one of my Christmas presents in it and I was NOT allowed to open it.

A little later that same day I received another email from Paul banning me from Apparently, whatever he got me has "also buy" stuff attached to it and he's concerned that if I go to Amazon, they will show me enough hints that I'd be able to figure out what he bought me.

The package arrived last Friday while Kendra was home. I handed it directly to her, explained why and asked her to hide it. She did with Kim's help. Since it's been hidden, I have not gone looking for it AND I've stayed off That has been my "personal growth" experience. Because believe me, a few years ago that package would have been toast! LOL.. or I'd be snooping on

Of course... considering I told Paul that the only thing I want for Christmas is the opportunity to go to a Quilt Retreat in January down on the gulf coast I have NO clue what the box could contain. I am so curious, but I'm being a good girl and waiting. See... I deserve a cookie!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Wednesday I had my appointment with the gyn specialist. He wants to do a slew of tests before we sit down and map out a plan. Being a cynic in the medical area, I know part of the reason for the additional testing is to milk more money out of the government health insurance, but I do appreciate that he wants to be thorough. His lab drew blood for more tests (iron, CBC, Thyroid and a cancer marker test). Upcoming tests will include a more complete U.S., bone density test and a biopsy. Again, he's not expecting to find anything cancerous he just wants to be sure before we make plans.

Wednesday afternoon I met up with Kim and her guidance counselor at school. No problems, but our move from Maryland to Alabama did some wonky things to her transcript and we wanted to have a clear understanding of what classes she still needed to graduate next year. Good thing we did... turns out that after her school in Maryland promised she'd get credit for her nearly complete semester there, one teacher gave her an F and another gave her a W for her end of semester grades. That F is really killing her GPA, so I now have a new writing campaign to get underway. Even without those grades, Kim is good to go with her plan.. in fact, she will be in a good position in her second semester next year to take some classes at the college. But no early graduation for her.

Mac's teeth are feeling much better since Tuesday. I brought Kim and him milkshakes and fries for lunch the last two days. I think today he's ready to go back to his usual luncheon fare. I will say this ... even though he's not happy with the braces, he's taking good care of them and brushing exactly as the assistant demonstrated. I am happy about that. And I can already see some movement happening in the front.

Today is gym day for Mac and me. We are dragging Kim along with us. A couple of weeks back, Kim and Mac did a bit of arm-wrestling and he beat her with no problem. LOL... I guess prior to his working out, they would usually end up in a draw. She is not thrilled to have him winning, so she has asked to join us at the gym. I think that in the long run it may not help her with the arm-wrestling, but if it gets her to start working out with us... I'm cool with that.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Head- Desk

My daughters have come up with this phrase "Head-desk" to signify those moments when if you could you'd smack your head down on your desk . I don't know if it's an original phrase to them, but they are my source.

It's been a busy week for us here. Every day thus far as had more than it's fair share of errands and appointments to be kept. The day worthy of note, however, is Tuesday.

Mac had his appointment that morning to have his braces put on. Kim missed the bus and because there was no time to drive her and make it to Dothan for the brace appointment, I dragged her with us. There was time for a quick stop at my polling place to vote. Time spent there total was about 15 minutes (early was definitely the way to go). That early in the morning it was still easy to be hopeful. But believe me when I say I have known for months that ANY democratic hopeful was going to win. I think Hilary Clinton knew this and that is at least part of the reason she held out as long as she did in her attempt.

At any rate, my voting done, we traveled on to Dothan. We were at the orthodontist's for two hours. Two very long and very boring hours... Kim and I debated the pros and cons of the presidential candidates and the very real possibility that Barack Obama could win. It wasn't a sanguine discussion.

Once Mac was done I offered up two possibilities... one.. I take them back to school or two.. we take a "mental health" day and shop and lunch up in Dothan, plus possibly take in a movie. No surprise they opted for option #2. We visited Krispy Kreme, where we picked up some milk and donuts.. and I got my free "thanks for voting" donut... YUMMY! Then we set off to do some shopping.. Mac was in desperate need of new jeans.. he has now lost so much weight that his jeans are falling off his hips.. and while that may be "style" for some guys... it's not for him, nor for his parents. Kim also scored a couple of pairs of new jeans.... she prefers higher waisted pants than is currently popular with the teens so we have to go to a specific store to find hers. At any rate, it was a successful trip on the shopping front.

Unfortunately, our plan for a movie and lunch was tanked because Mac's teeth were beginning to feel tender and he wasn't sure what he could eat and the movies didn't start until after 2 pm. So we hit Best Buy, bought "Get Smart" and came home , made soft gooey comfort food and ate while watching the movie. One of the funniest re-makes we've seen in awhile. loved it.

Our late afternoon was difficult at best between Mac's discomfort and a few other testy teen issues. I give them some leeway because I do understand that most of these tirades have to do with asserting a bit of independence, and I like to believe it teaches them to stand up for themselves out in the real world.. but there does come a point where... I'm the MOM and that is THAT. So Kim is currently grounded from her computer as a result of her testiness. I wrote a note to Paul belaboring poor pitiful me and he sent back this reply... LOL

I'm sooo sorry you had such a horrible day. And then to have Obama win... what a horrible end to a horrible day!Well, at least when things go to hell in a hand-basket we can say we didn't vote for him. Unfortunatly, I think because he already has a halo effect, he can be a shity president and everyone will think he's great (ala Bill Clinton).I will write to Mac and try to smooth his feelings. Poor guy. I'm sure it sucks. I wish there was some way of showing kids computer generated images of their faces/smiles (projected into the future after they get older) with, and without the benefit of braces.You could disconnect Kim's computer's power cord. Then you won't have to worry about being on top of her constantly.We are back down to one aircraft. The AATD bird continues to be a piece of crap. Both crews took turns flying the one good aircraft tonight and we will do the same tomorrow night.All for now.Love ya,Paul