Friday, November 7, 2008

Playing Catch-up

Wednesday I had my appointment with the gyn specialist. He wants to do a slew of tests before we sit down and map out a plan. Being a cynic in the medical area, I know part of the reason for the additional testing is to milk more money out of the government health insurance, but I do appreciate that he wants to be thorough. His lab drew blood for more tests (iron, CBC, Thyroid and a cancer marker test). Upcoming tests will include a more complete U.S., bone density test and a biopsy. Again, he's not expecting to find anything cancerous he just wants to be sure before we make plans.

Wednesday afternoon I met up with Kim and her guidance counselor at school. No problems, but our move from Maryland to Alabama did some wonky things to her transcript and we wanted to have a clear understanding of what classes she still needed to graduate next year. Good thing we did... turns out that after her school in Maryland promised she'd get credit for her nearly complete semester there, one teacher gave her an F and another gave her a W for her end of semester grades. That F is really killing her GPA, so I now have a new writing campaign to get underway. Even without those grades, Kim is good to go with her plan.. in fact, she will be in a good position in her second semester next year to take some classes at the college. But no early graduation for her.

Mac's teeth are feeling much better since Tuesday. I brought Kim and him milkshakes and fries for lunch the last two days. I think today he's ready to go back to his usual luncheon fare. I will say this ... even though he's not happy with the braces, he's taking good care of them and brushing exactly as the assistant demonstrated. I am happy about that. And I can already see some movement happening in the front.

Today is gym day for Mac and me. We are dragging Kim along with us. A couple of weeks back, Kim and Mac did a bit of arm-wrestling and he beat her with no problem. LOL... I guess prior to his working out, they would usually end up in a draw. She is not thrilled to have him winning, so she has asked to join us at the gym. I think that in the long run it may not help her with the arm-wrestling, but if it gets her to start working out with us... I'm cool with that.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Have a great gym day and an even better weekend.

Emmi said...

That's so awesome that the kids are going to the gym with you. I have my kids workout with me too.

Sometimes I'm not crazy about how the military docs test for all the things that their certain I don't have but what can we do? Go off post & pay a co-pay for possibly the same testing!

madison said...

I think it's great taht your kids are going to the gym with you. Keeps your motivation up.

Anonymous said...

my oldest had to get braces when she was in her twenties. The military did not pay for those back when she was growing up. But she made it through the ordeal and now she has a beautiful smile! lol
so hang in there!
hun I used to think badly of the army doctors but civilian ones are no better. maybe worse! Have you ever been to a "doc in the box"? they are exactly like military docs! lol
i so appreciate the insightful and intelligent comment that you made on my blog entry!!! jun

Beth said...

I'm sure all your tests will come back as good, and then you can move forward from there.

Hope your day at the gym was fun, and have a great weekend!


friedmsw said...

I love your graphics. Those milkshakes look so good! Best wishes with all of those tests.