Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Painting --as exercise, plus What is my cat thinking?

Cool thing about the new management/housing. We can paint our walls if we'd like. Kim wants to put her interior design class to the test, so she wanted to paint her room. Two colors.... Purple Moon on three walls and Rich Amethyst on the fourth wall.

We just finished putting on the second coat of the Purple Moon. My arms are definitely feeling the burn! Which means, painting either burns more calories than I realized, or I am more out of shape than I realized!

My desk is currently free of debris. Typically, it's a bit cluttered with papers and information that I need to deal with. Moving gives me a chance to start fresh because I dealt with all my business before they packed up my computer. Smokey the cat is in the habit of sitting in my lap while I work on the computer. Today, she discovered that there is a whole desk top that she can explore while I work. HA! not for long. But for now she's found a cozy spot by the monitor.

Mac did not pass the driving test today. But I know he'll get it next time. He did a few "California stops" (rolling stops) and forgot to check his blind spot a few times. Surprising because he did fine in both those areas on the drive up. Guess he got a little flustered.

On the college front, my paperwork is finally done and I turned in the application to the nursing office. I should know in about 4 weeks if I made it into the Fall program.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Home, Same Fort

Finally have cable, internet and phone service again. It was a very productive 5 days without it. Doubt the next five will be as productive, now that i have multiple ways of procrastinating.

Still working on getting the paperwork together to apply for the RN program. I still need my high school transcript to be "unconditional admission" at the college. (can you believe that 30 years and 30 somthing credits later, this is still needed? )

All the other stuff is in hand and ready to go. Kudo's to the registrar at NVCC. She spent over 20 minutes on the phone with me, walking me through the steps to get my transcript off the computer.

Tomorrow Mac takes his driving test for the "real' license.
Today our new couch and loveseat were delivered. The delivery guys sliced the side of the loveseat while getting the packaging off. I'll be getting a new loveseat in a week.

Back to living among boxes. Retirement (from the Army) can't come soon enough. 2015... and counting.