Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Latest News

Mac passed his driving test on the third go around. The driving test here in Alabama is much tougher than the driving test that Kendra passed up in Maryland. Kimberly is still doing all she can to avoid learning to drive.

The second week of July all five of us plus Tyler (Kendra's b-friend) went to Orlando. We didn't do the usual Disneyland thing, instead we did a few of the indoor entertainments available there. We visited the Ripley's Believe it or Not Odditoreum, Wonder Works Museum, and did dinner at Sleuth's the mystery dinner theatre. Fun time for all of us. Each day started or ended at the pool. One day we slipped in a game of miniature golf.

On July 13th Kendra had her reconstructive surgery at UAB hospital in Birmingham. Everything went really well and we brought her home on the 16th. We've had our first post-op visit with her doctor this week and things continue to move along nicely. Looks like she'll be good to go when the semester starts back up on August12. And really.. what I mean is .. with chauffeur service (mom and dad), she'll be able to attend classes as long as she doesn't sit too long in each class. She's supposed to not put too much weight/pressure on her "sit upon" during the next 6 weeks. We've come up with a plan to use a hemorrhoid cushion and alternate standing with sitting during her classes.

Both Kendra and the "littles" go back to school on August 12. My classes don't begin until August 24. I didn't get picked up for the fall semester start nursing program, but I am confident I will get picked up for the spring. In the meantime, I'm taking as many of the non-nursing classes as I can, to lighten my load down the line.

We still are swamped with unpacked boxes. Our load increased slightly when Kendra moved back home for the summer. My goal for the next three weeks is to get as many of these boxes emptied and/or repacked for storage.

The two classes that I have been taking this summer are almost complete and it looks like I've earned A's in both of them :).