Monday, May 25, 2009

The five minute catch-up entry

So, May has just flown by! This month we spent a weekend at the Georgia Renaissance Faire. We dragged Kendra's boyfriend with us, to initiate him into the fun of "faire-ing". Tyler (the boyfriend) graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Next step for him is graduate school.

Paul and I spent a long weekend in Nashville, celebrating (early) our 27th anniversary. We attended the Billy Joel/Elton John concert on May 16th. Great fun!

We have found two surgeons that will be doing the next surgery on Kendra. That should happen in June. We have appointments to see both in early June and I think this is going to be good.

We are half moved out of our current house and half moved into our new house. A lot of the older housing here at Ft. Rucker is being replaced. Our current house is next on the chopping block, so they are moving us to a new house, with at least 600 squ. ft. more space than here. So, we are changing addresses, but not really posts.

I have been in the process of taking placement tests for various classes. I am heading back to college this summer semester. I'm taking a few prerequisites and then I'll be starting into an RN program (hopefully by fall).

I think that's all for now. Computer is being packed up in two days and we won't have internet again until June 2.