Saturday, December 12, 2009

All is kind of calm

I've been dividing my hours between studying and family time. We are hoping to get the Christmas tree up this weekend, but I'm beginning to think that might have to wait until next weekend. Too much to do! I'm only half way through my study guides for the Algebra.... as in making them up to use to study. Luckily, the Anatomy ones are good to go. And the psychology ones will be done shortly.

Monday morning we head back up to Birmingham to consult with Kendra's urologist. KUB is on the schedule to see how the stone dust has fared. We're all hoping it's moved on into the bladder and out the catheter (they didn't require her to strain it). We'd like to not have to try and fit another surgery in during the Xmas holiday.

So off to bed for me, for a well deserved rest. It's crazy cold here (although it's probably nothing compared to what some others are dealing with) and I'm ready to snuggle under the covers in my flannel jammies

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Test, tests, tests

I am now in the last two weeks of this semester and am running the gauntlet with test after test. I know I'm whining (just a bit), but I'm also really happy that we are so close to the end of the semester. I get a month off of school and then on January 19 (or thereabouts) spring semester begins. I think next semester will be tons easier... at least I'm hoping so.

So, my average in Anatomy at the moment is 90.83. I have the lab final and the unit final to go (10% and 12% of my overall grade respectively). Feel really comfortable about both, but kind of nervous knowing that I have to do 92% or better on each to hold on to my A.

Today I have my last chapter test in Algebra and then next week I sit for the cummulative final. That one makes me nervous, but as long as I make at least a 70%, I will pass the class. Right now, I have a tentative hold on a B. We'll see how the next two tests work out for me.

And finally I have my psych test next week. Should end the semester with an A. ;)