Thursday, July 30, 2009

Durbin Farms- And Peach Jam

Kendra's surgeon and urologist are both at UAB medical center in Birmingham. We travel routinely between here and there using I-65.

During one of our trips, I discovered Durbin Farms fruit stand at exit 205. The folks there have a lot of great locally grown fruits and vegetables. Now that I know its there, I try to stop and shop each time we have to travel to Birmingham.

Most recently I stopped on our way back from Kendra's post-op check up. I picked up a huge box of peaches. They are so delicious! But a bit more than I can consume on my own.

So today I took a stab at making Peach Jam. HA! I amaze myself. The jam came out really tasty and set up pretty well. I'm looking forward to having some peach jam on my toast tomorrow.