Monday, June 15, 2009

It's My Birthday... and I'll cry if I want

I have officially celebrated my last birthday. I shall forever more remain at forty something. he he he.

Kendra came home for the weekend (my b-day was Saturday, June 13). We had a fantabulous family weekend with games and movies and a delicious spaghetti dinner cooked by Paul.

When the kids were younger it was so easy to using a sliding scale to denote my age. I had Kendra about 6 years later (at least) than most women.... in fact, I was the same age when I had Kendra( my first baby) that my mother was when she had my sister (her last baby). So for years, I could take 10 years off my age and not seem too off the kilter.

With Kendra turning 21, I have two choices.... ignore any further birthdays... or just admit that I was a child bride! Well.. I guess there is a third choice (my mother-in-law's preferred method)... from this point on, Kendra quits aging... and as the others catch up to her, I claim that they are first twins and finally triplets. LOL

Of course, I'm kidding... I am old enough now to know that age is a mind game at best. I wouldn't want to be younger, unless I could take all this experience back with me. About the only thing I miss from my early years is my much more in shape body. And that I can fix. :)