Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Alabama Images

November 1 downtown Enterprise sponsored a Fall Festival with booths and food and assorted games for the younger crowd. Kim and I went down to check it out. The food smelled great, but the booths of things to buy weren't of interest to us. We walked up and down the street and took a few pictures, then we came home.

This is the back of the Boll Weevil Monument. The monument is the only one that pays tribute to a pest. This monument was dedicated on Dec. 11, 1919 at the intersection of College and Main Streets in Enterprise, AL.

This area used to be a large cotton growing area until the Boll Weevil struck in 1915, destroying so many crops and putting several farmers in jeopard of losing their land. But a Mr. Sessions felt that perhaps peanuts would be a better way to go and convinced a farmer to try that crop.

Here is a view of more of the statue. It sits in the middle of the street, so for safety purposes, it's better to take the pic from one of the street corners.

At any rate, it was due to the decimation of crops by the Boll Weevil that this part of Alabama turned to peanut growing.

These roses are in my front yard. Kim and I spent most of the day working in the garden area. We pulled grass and weeds and generally cleaned things up in the garden bed. Tomorrow we plan on putting in a brick trim around the garden and then laying down some mulch.

This spider is living outside our house, near the high peak of the roof. She stays up there out of our way, so we've let her be. She kind of looks like something out of Star Troopers, but much smaller.


friedmsw said...

I enjoyed the pictures! Thanks for the history lesson. I had forgotten the entire story about the Boll Weevil. I would love to find a good book on Alabama History.

Linda said...

Just stopping by to say hi since getting back. The pictures of Alabama were that the Boll Weevil story.

I think you deserve 2 cookies for not peeking and maybe 3 for staying off Amazon (are you starting to see why I'm fat? LOL) ARE a good girl!! What do you think it is? I'm soooo curious :)

Pooh Hugs,

jun said...

hi, your children are beautiful.
since i have lived in alabama for over 13 years now i have seen how beautiful the scenery can be.
i live by oak mountain. it has a manmade beach and a nature trail so i havent wanted to travel too far.its especially beautiful in the fall because of the fall foliage. you all should visit sometime. i am anxious to see that boll weavil statue in person now. lol