Monday, November 10, 2008

Quick Notes

This weekend Kim and I accomplished our gardening goals. We've divided up the work that needs to be done over three weekends. With luck we should be close to done when Paul finally gets home.

I'm on Kim's computer this morning. The fan on my computer died yesterday morning and I don't/can't run the computer without it. So.. .one more thing waiting for Paul to come home and repair.

Kendra is coming home today to spend the night and tomorrow with us. I'm thrilled because at first she wasn't going to come (boyfriend and classes) but her classes were cancelled and I guess boyfriend is working.

Paul and I spent close to four hours on the phone yesterday, divided up between 3 calls. I miss him so much... I'm really glad this separation will be over soon.


Robin said...

You gotta love all the things that go wrong or break while the hubster is away.

Emmi said...

It never fails ... something will go wrong when the honey is away. =D

jun said...

Hey lady!
so happy for you the hubby will be coming home soon.
my first never went tdy or to a training thing. i aways wished he would lol
my second who was in the army was in the big red one. he was always in the field. i know he spent more time gone than at home . everything broke down while he was gone, the airconditioner, washing machine, car, you name it. seems like they just wait for him to leave and act up on me . so i know exactly how you feel.
my autumn is home tommorw, the college gal did not mention whether she was out but like your girl she has the boyfriend so maybe she spemd the holiday with him instead. i am getting used to the reality of her having her own life now! lol
do yall have PUBLICS grocery store nearby. mine is haVING a holiday thing where they serve food and offer samples , yummy! lol take care , jun

friedmsw said...
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friedmsw said...

I wanted to add something to my comment, but could not figure out how to do that. Just wanted to say that you must be SOOOOOOOOOOO organized! Congrats on meeting those goals. I can only imagine how thrilled you must be to have you husband coming home soon. Thank you for the comments that you leave on my blog! I really appreciate them!

Joann said...

Hey Estela, Sorry about the computer fan failing!! But hey, I bet if the computer was working, you wouldn't be getting the gardening done.... LOL!! I know I wouldn't!!!

Take Care,

Linda said...

I'm so sorry about your computer fan going out...we are lost without this thing aren't we? I'm so glad that Paul will be home soon, I can only imagine how lonely you are without him. {{{Estela}}}

Love & Pooh Hugs,