Thursday, November 13, 2008

Troop Support

During this time of year, I like to bring attention to various groups that offer ways for us to be able to support our troops. Although I am sure that those of you that have family members or friends serving in the military are supporting them every chance you get, I like to mention these places that have a pipeline to the troops for those of us that don't have someone that we currently are supporting.

At the present time the general public can no longer send packages, letters or cards generically marked "To Any Soldier". This is to protect our troops from various terrorist possibilities. So companies have stepped up to allow a bridge between the public and our troops to all ow those well-wishers to still be able to brighten a military members day.

My pick of the day is Military Care Package Soldier Gift Baskets Care Package for Troops Treats for Troops. These folks have set up a very user friendly website where you can send a package to any troop, or designate a specific troop... they have a birthday club, so you can send a package to someone specifically for a birthday. Just tons of options and all of it packed up pretty and sent out for you.

They even have a "Foster a Soldier" program, where you can give some guidelines to the individual you'd like to foster, ie sex, location, age range... I often choose two gals and a guy to support, to represent my babies out there. :)


friedmsw said...

Thank you so much for the information!! We need to support out troops now more than ever.

Emmi said...

Thanks for the info.

Beth said...

That's a great idea. We also support the USO.

jun said...

what a great idea!
Thank you. somepeople were still sending things "to any soldier " and I knew i had heard they werent being delivered for the safety of the soldiers/ But there was not any info I could find on where to send or how to send until you posted this. I hope the soldiers get the support they need and deserve! jun