Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Approaching Normal

I actually have a couple of outings planned today. Grocery shopping (with Paul's help) and a luncheon with some of the spouses and hubbies from Paul's unit. :) Fun stuff I hope. I've been pretty closed-mouth about my health here within the unit. I had to tell the XO's wife because this month (February) is my month to plan the spouses' coffee. All I told her is that I had surgery and that I had to plan something that wouldn't require me to do a lot of lifting and preparing (we're having our meeting at a restaurant on post).

She did a little fishing... asking if everything was okay. Now, Paul had told her hubby exactly what was going on because of the time off that Paul would need. Guess the information stayed at the office. So, the only additional information I gave her is that we had to plan it for a time when we knew that Paul would be home.

For all that I share here on this journal, I really am rather quiet about my affairs around the folks that are in our unit. Although I've met a few that I think I could be friends with, truth is, we aren't friends yet and I prefer to keep my business out of the general public.

So.. at this point, I can laugh deep and only feel a slight twinge. Everything is healing nicely. I have my appointment tomorrow to have the staples removed and I will ask Dr. for a bit more guidance with respect to exercise (walking) and how much longer I might need to wait before I go back to weight training with the kids.

Since the surgery I have lost 4 lbs (without really knowing if I gained any "water weight" right after the surgery) without really trying. I understand that the uterus was the size of a medium some of that could be from the removal. My appetite is good, but I find that I am quickly satisfied with about one third of what I ate before surgery. I don't know if that is a side effect of the pain medication (lower appetite) or if after 48 hours of liquids only, my tummy is smaller and I'm actually listening to it. At any rate.. it's all good from my point of view... unless after I stop the pain pills I go back to eating too much...

I'm only taking pain pills during my waking hours now... so I'm down to about three a day at this point. Sleeping through the night, but I am having some truly bizarre dreams... which may be partly caused by the books I am reading... lots of vampire/werewolf stories. :) In last night's dream, we were part owners in a large house (four floors) that was a gateway to the demon world. Demons would occasionally come out and grab someone to drag down to their dimension. We moved out... grabbing as much of our belongings as we could.. while the house was beginning to implode on itself.


Joann said...

PUT DOWN THOSE BOOKS.... That's a scary dream... and YOU need REST, not stressful dreams!! LOL!!! Glad you are feeling better, and very glad that you are taking the time you need to heal well.

natalie said...

Maybe he can let you use some lighter weights to start after your walking regime is established.
How about a novel that includes
people doing their career and family?
get better

Anonymous said...

Noticed you were following my blog and decided to stop by and see what was happening in your life. A lot! A doctor friend of mine read my journals on AOL and he said what you wrote in this entry. That IRL I never brought any of the stuff up so he was shocked at how much I shared in my journal. If you know me well, you'd not know 20% of what I posted in my journal.
I'd go with less weight for the weights if I were you, for now at least.

madison said...

Glad you're feeling better. I have to watch what I read or watch on tv at night. It has to be something that will not really bother me because I always have such weird dreams that I wake up remembering. That just makes my whole day feel off.

Beth said...

Glad to hear things continue to progress well!

Your dream sounds really intriguing, and it would make a neat short story. Thought about writing it down? I'm laughing...everyone else is saying to stop reading those books! And I'm encouraging you to write your own scary story. :)

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you are starting to feel a bit normal.