Thursday, February 12, 2009

Midnight Cookies

Okay... it's really not quite midnight.. and I should be done before midnight. Still... when the boy waits until 5:30 pm to mention he's signed up to bring cookies and chips to the class party Friday, it feels like I'm going to be stuck making midnight cookies.

Paul asked Mac.."How long have you known about this?" "Since yesterday," says Mac. "Well, says Dad," Yesterday you could have expected home baked cookies... today you get what's easy for your mother."

As my mother would say "I was at home when I baked them!"


Beth said...

Absolutely. The chance for homebaked ends at least 48 hours before.

madison said...

I'm all to familiar with the mad dash to the store hours before the kid needs something for school. That day!

friedmsw said...

I think I put my mother through this same thing a couple of times. OUCH!

Joann said...

My son used to do that to me ALL THE TIME!!! AARRRGGGHHH!!!! Glad you were able to pull it off!!