Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Twitter?

Apparently the new craze is Twitter. All the cool "kids" are doing it! I've been hearing about on The View (yes, I watch the view... I keep hoping for some really good arguments.) Anyway.. now Elisabeth and Sherry are twittering too. But Joy, Whoopi and Barbara are holdouts. They don't have the time to twitter.

I have signed up. I am "following" Danny Bonaduce and Wil Wheaton.. as well as Elisabeth and Sherry. It's kind of interesting, but to be honest not something I forsee myself obsessing over.

but for getting a concise bit of dribble out, it works.
So... do any of you twitter?


Slapinions said...

Yeah, I twitter and tag and facebook and myspace. garbage, one and all, but their popularity forced my hand. 'Tagged' - as a word of warning - seems to have turned into nothing more than a spam source for sex ads.

BTW - thanks for your kind words about my reviews


Lynne said...

I used to do all the above, but have down sized. I don't twitter.

Beth said...

No, haven't gone there, although I check some here and there. I figure Blogger and Facebook (and MySpace every so often) is enough on my plate. I DO have other things that I want to do! :)


Joann said...

No Twitter for me... I've got enough going on already!!

friedmsw said...

I do not twitter. Don't even understand it after someone explained it to me. LOL

madison said...

I did check it out, but decided it's not for me. I have more than enough to keep me busy, lol.

natalie said...

umm I may in the future..
too new for me yet...

pattyt said...

going to try and get on to figure it out.....I do FACEBOOK, MYSPACE< ?YOUTUBE? {you its bad when you cna't remember all that you are}, and my of course!

you can find me in FACEBOOK under patty parker tran