Thursday, April 30, 2009

Does Frosting Ever Expire?

We are fast approaching the move-in date (about two + weeks). I am slowly packing things up. Today I am going through our pantry and weeding out expired items. So much of what we buy these days has a "good through" date on it. Makes it easy for me to run through and grab out things that probably should have been thrown away before the last move.

It always surprises me to discover that certain foods aren't unperishable. :) You mean I can't keep my double chocolate ding-dong stash forever? DANG! But I have a can of frosting that doesn't have an expiration date. Or at least not one I can find. I'm pretty sure I've had this can for a couple of years (it's vanilla... not my favorite). Still, without a date... I hate to toss it


Lynne said...

Toss it on over here, I love Vanilla frosting! LOL I can't wait until we move too, good time to clean out the stuff!