Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stress Insomnia and 29 hours

I've been waking at odd hours of the night. Something will pop into my head that I have to deal with, or that I've forgotten to deal with (as was the case this morning) and then I'm awake for good. Today's stress has been brought on by my forgetting to get Kendra's signature on a medical records release form. We had dinner last night and I had the damn forms in my purse... and totally blanked on it. OY!

I was hoping to get the ball started on this before we leave on Spring break (which commences in 29 hours, give or take an hour). Kim, Mac, Paul and I are heading south to Florida for a few days.

So... I'm contemplating signing the forms for Kendra so I can get them turned in today as planned. I doubt anyone will notice and/or care. I need these records to her new surgeon by April 21 and there just isn't that much time left (sigh).

Florida will be nice. We plan on taking in Disney World and possibly Universal Studio. But even if we spend most of our time relaxing by a pool.. that will be good too.


madison said...

Enjoy your vacation, and soak up some sun for me since we seem to be having nothing but rain and more rain and the occasional snow shower, lol.

Beth said...

Have a great time in Florida! That should thoroughly destress you!

I think it's at Universal where they have the Lucy store. It's very cool!

Have a safe trip!

Hugs, Beth