Monday, July 15, 2013

Interviews are not for the faint of heart.

Some of my more memorable interviews through out the years.

Age 18- interview for a sporting goods store... I actually had my mother with me the day I filled out the application. One question stopped me dead in my tracks. I hate to lie.. but I was not about to admit on a form that my mother was reading over my shoulder that I had smoked pot before. So  I checked "no" to the drug question.  
Call back for the interview- was asked if there were any questions I wanted to change my answer for because I would be required to take a polygraph test. Told them about the pot.  During the polygraph test, my heart raced constantly. Still got the job, so guess they recognized a lot of the racing heart as stress?  

Age 19- first interview for medical assistant position. Went to the interview from our celebration lunch (after graduating tech school) where I had consumed an "I got potted" drink (7 ounces of various alcohols and lots of mixers). I was drunk for the interview. I couldn't hear the man very well, so I kept yelling "What?" at him. Needless to say, I did NOT get that job.

second interview for medical assistant job... this time I was in top form. Interviewed for a Cardiology and Internal Medicine group. Business manager had me draw his blood on the spot. I'm good.. I got that job before leaving the office. :)

Interview for a photographer position at JCPenney in 1989. Manager was also from the Phoenix, AZ area and her husband was also in the army (this was in VA). I got the job.. I think it's because of what we had in common. Leigh and I have been best friends ever since.

So last week, I went for an interview for an RN position on an orthopedic floor. I was interviewed by committee. That was a new experience for me. A group of three grilled me for 90 minutes. Guess it went well. Second interview was requested and the position was unofficially offered to me before I left the second time!

I am now waiting for the background check to come back and have the official offer made. Hopefully I'll be back at work very soon!