Monday, October 27, 2008

more animals

This little pic made me laugh out loud. I swear this could be Mac and Kendra on some of their more beastly days.

I will say that their relationship has improved greatly since Kendra moved out of the house. Now when she is home, they talk, laugh and play wii games together... it's been a nice improvement.


Ericanbiloxi said...

I am soooo glad that my girls are not fighting as MUCH, lol as they were a few years back.
That pic is precious!

Emmi said...

lmao ... love the pic. My kids don't fight to much cause they know if I hear them their separated for the rest of the day & as much as they say they hate each other they can't go more than an hour without talking to each other.

Beth said...

Love the pic!

jun said...

i love your daughters name kendra!
ooh i know just what you mean. i have 6 daughters. at times there were as many as 4 in the house growing up/ i cant believe i survived all the 'she is wearing my favprite shirt or jeans". and what about the "borrowing" each others stuff .lol
now i only have the one girl and my grwon son here. but i love not having to buy all the lotion and shampoo and stuff for all those girls.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Cute picture!
My daughters are pretty nice to each far....I just hope they keep it at friendly cat banter and no squishin~~

Toon said...

I never get tired of LOLcats!!


Joann said...

CUTE pic!!! So glad your kids are getting along better, it always works out that way, too... once they are apart for awhile they miss each other... LOL!!


Teresa said...

Very cute pictures lol ~ I liked them. Thank you for your kind words about Heathen's passing. Blessings* teresa