Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apathy on the Rise; No one cares!

LOL, I was watching some old Buffy episodes and this was the headline on one of the school newspapers. I thought it was a pretty good title.

We had no trick or treaters last night. We live on post. People DRIVE ON POST to let their kids trick or treat (less walking between houses than off post). And yet... no kids came down to our house. I have a lot of candy left over.

Our house is situated at the end of a dead end street. These are duplexes and most of the ones down at our end are empty. But I think the biggest reason we didn't have kids is because the neighbors at the front end of the block had a big display and all the various folks up there set up a long table with bowls of candy up and down it. In other words.. the four or five families living up at the front of the street did their candy "block party" style and didn't bother to let us know that this is how they were gonna do it.

This is not a big deal other than I have all this candy left. I'm sending it up to the high school with Kim and Mac on Monday so that they can get rid of it.

Today we are heading to the annual Chili cook off here on post. There is a 5K at 8:30 (we're not going for this) and the chili tasting starts at 11:30 am (we do intend to be available for that). Kendra and her boyfriend Tyler are coming down from the college to taste with us. And we're bowling in the afternoon. Should be fun.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Year six with no treaters, not tricksters either. We live in country, and are away from road with no ligths.

I hope there are coworkers of mine with left over candy, I have a jar at work and it gets expensive to keep full, so they can donate their extras :o)

Beth said...

What a shame that those other families didn't let you know about the "block party." Maybe next year....

Sounds like a fun day--chili, yum! I bet you'll get to taste some good ones!


friedmsw said...

Chili!! YUM YUM Hope that you have loads of fun! Sounds wonderful.

I am sorry that the other families did not include in the "block party". How rude!!

I did not get home from work til 9:00 last night. By that time, all the trick or treaters have come and gone (there aren't but two or three). One of the larger churches in the area has the "Trunk or Treat". Most of the children go there.

Joann said...

I don't like your neighbors at the front of the road!! Sounds like you have a full fun day planned.. ENJOY!!


Robin said...

We live off base but went on to do some treating. I did notice a LOT of families did just what you described. A big table out in the middle of their street and several families all sitting there handing out candy. I also noticed a LOT of non-participants this year...was shocked how many on base families did not hand out candy. Kinda a shame since trick or treating on base is really the only "safe" place I feel we can do that.

jun said...

that was nice of you to send the candy to the school. I bought candy and set it out in livingroom even though i knew we would not have and children go door to door here. we never have them. then i went to the stores and bought half price candy the day after and set it out as family loves candy, maybe too much lol
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