Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gas and Doctor

Quick update on the gas prices in local area. I filled up on Friday at 1.99. By Sunday it dropped to 1.87. I had to fill Paul's car Monday before picking him up. I'm watching the pumps now to see if it drops again. Ha ha

Doctor appointment today, two more tests. News keeps getting more interesting and yet farther way from a "final" decision. Test results will be back next week, I see the doc again on Wed. Two more planned procedures within a couple of weeks and then finally... decision time.


Joann said...

I cna't wait for gas to go under $2.00 here!! LOL!! Hey lovely picture at the top of your blog, which one is you!?!?

Robin said...

Cheapest i have seen here is 2.09...I am hoping I see 1.99 soon!

Emmi said...

Gas is now under $2 everywhere here. $1.97 off post & $1.87 on post. YEAH!!!

Lynne said...

Hi Estela! Good time to buy oil! Thanks for coming to "I'm On A Mission" and your supportive comment. I will have to catch up on your news!

jun said...

wow you were right! yay! we owe it all to you. lol
Hoping and praying that you get a good report from the doctor.
it was freezing cold here in alabaster last night! I dont even want to go to the grocery store in this cold.
ARE y'all going out to the shops and mall the day after thanksgiving.? It's a big thing around here. I never do though.lol, jun

Nathan said...


I just wanted to thank you for stopping by! It is great to find someone who would like to join my journey!

friedmsw said...

Although I live in the same state as you, I live in an area where the gas tax is higher due to pollution control or something like that.

Hope that the docs make the final decision soon!