Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Curious Sensations

My minor procedures ended up taking most of the day. At least ... we were at the hospital most of the day. At least things progressed very nicely and it wasn't until the end of the day I felt like I was just waiting... which I was at that point, waiting to see my doctor. But I slept most of that time away, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Anesthesia is weird. Has anyone ever seen the episode of Buffy TVS where the "trio" place a time modulator on her and she keeps losing pieces of her day? She's kind of standing still while the world seems to be fast forwarding. That's how I felt after coming out of anesthesia. It seems like one moment I was talking with the anesthesiologist and the next the nurses were saying "Take two deep breaths, Mrs. Steele." LOL... it was kind of cool.

So Dr. Banach arrives at my room a little after 2pm and says "I have good news and bad news." He proceeds to hand me a bunch of pictures he took of my insides. The good news.. absolutely no evidence of cancer, the bad news... a humongous number and size of fibroids. He says this condition must have been building up for years. My uterus is the size of a 16 week fetus! Maybe that explains some of why I gain weight the way that I do (like a pregnant woman... all in the belly!).

At any rate, I'm good to go for right now, but have an appointment with him when we get back from Phoenix to plan our next step.

Sunday Mac and I went to the gym to do our workout. I increased the weights I've been using in several of my exercises, but especially in my calf workout. I mention this because what hurt the most immediately after coming out of anesthesia were my calves. Like "charlie horses" were just waiting to grab the muscle. It took me a long while in that after fog to realize that it was probably due to the workout and not the surgery.

Today my throat hurts really bad because of the tube... imagine the worst sore throat and then notch it up just one more bit. As long as I don't swallow, I'm okay... but my mouth is all dry so I'm pushing fluids and that means swallowing.. ouch!

My calves are not as tender as yesterday, and my belly where the incision was made is kind of tender.. but otherwise I'm doing well. I've been told I can't drive the car for 24 hours, but tomorrow I guess it's back to all that I can tolerate.


Beth said...

The no-cancer part is great--the fibroids, not so much. I hope you and your doc can decide on the best way to proceed.

Hugs, Beth

jun said...

Praise God for that good news, no cancer!
I have been coming here checking for any word from you so I am so relieved!
Its rough being a woman, so many things to worry about.
When I had my gallbladder surgery they used these leggings to compress and release my legs and they worked great. no pain after.
sorry about the sore throat. Thats one thing I hate.
oh i am a terrific Buffy fan. I have several pics of spike on the wall. my kids brought me from the scifi expo they had here last year. I get so mad to see her doing the voice for so many cartoon characters now .they should bring back Buffy and Angel too while they are at it! lol

Joann said...

Girlfriend, Fibroids are a CAKEWALK compared to the treatment for cancer!! Count your blessings!! Fibroids are EASY, no worries, just a little inconvenient!! I KNOW!!!

madison said...

As usual, I'm way behind, but so glad to hear everything is ok.