Monday, December 15, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, how did so much time manage to slip by since my last post?

Paul came home three days early from his last mission. A very nice surprise indeed.

All preliminary tests continue to be clear of any serious problems. Today I am going into the hospital for outpatient surgery. More of the exploratory kind, but not expecting them to find anything more than possibly endometriosis. We'll see.

Kimberly did a project for her mythology class about the Christmas traditions of China, which ultimately rolled into a briefing of Christmas and Chinese New Year. I spent a good part of last week sewing a Chinese inspired tunic for her to wear during her presentation. Paul asked in passing "What do kids that don't have mothers that sew do?" I told him that they choose "easy" countries to discuss.

Kendra finished up her finals last week and all her grades have been posted. She was elated to discover that she passed her Western Civilization class (it was very touch and go most of the semester). I hadn't realized until this class that Kendra is not a big fan of the history class. Luckily this is the only one she needs for her major, so this should be the last worrisome grade. I hope anyway.

After my procedure today, I'll be spending the rest of the week getting boxes and cards out in the mail and packing for our trip home. We leave on Saturday.


Teresa said...

I hope everything goes well for will keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Teresa

Estela said...

Good morning Estela!

Catching up with your blog...remember to keep your Faith up and our Lord will take care of you, He is the best doctor around!

Estela in South TX

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I just noticed this morning that I haven't posted in my main journal since Nov. 28th! So, you're doing much better then me. I'm glad your tests didn't include anything serious, and I hope it remains that way.

My Mom knew how to sew, and thankfully, she lives really close in case my girls need anything like that. I for one didn't inherit a single domenstic type female bone in my body~~

Take care this week.

friedmsw said...

I know that endometriosis can cause you alot of discomfort (what we women have to go through). Just hope that the doctors can finally get to the root of your medical issues. Sounds like your kids have been really busy! Have a great trip.

Beth said...

I hope all went well, Estela! Please update us when you get a chance, but get some good rest first!!

Hugs, Beth

natalie said...

hi Estela!
How great that you can sew for your daughter! Wooo!
That sounds challenging!
I hope that you have a pleasant trip home!