Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cell Wars

I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of glad Paul is gone right now. I know that sounds harsh... but we were at an impass about "what to do" about Kendra's stolen cell phone. With him gone... my way is going to be done. Call it passive-aggressive, but I did send him an e-mail with the information about the final solution.

So... first the background. This is from my point of view and not necessarily accurate. When we purchased our new phone plan we did not buy the replacement insurance (a monthly fee that is not worth it if you never lose or break the phone, right?) because in the past nearly 10 years of phone ownership the insurance has never been needed.

I called our carrier to find out what our options were. 1. buy a new phone at aprox. $300.00 ... we are too new into our contract for them to just write out a new contract.
2. buy a cheaper phone or a refurbished phone 3. have one of our old phones turned on(cheapest option).

This is her only phone source, so not having anything at all is out of the question as well as wasteful since we'll still be billed the monthly charge. At the moment she has my phone, so that we can call her.

Our plan initially was to have my old phone turned on for me and she could continue to use my phone. Then I thought... why am I getting the old phone? I didn't leave my purse in the car and I didn't forget to lock my door. So I told Paul that I thought Kendra should have to save the money to replace her phone and give me mine back. This began a discussion which really kind of swirls down to these two viewpoints:
Paul: I don't think that Kendra should have to save money to replace her phone.
Me: I don't think that I should have to bear the brunt of her foolishness. She either gets the old phone or she can save to replace her phone.

Okay.. I know she thinks she is a "Daddy's girl"... .but I had no idea that Paul thought this too!!! Am I nuts? You can answer.. but I already know that I am not... that she should be taking care of this somehow. (We've elected not to pursue replacement through homeowners insurance, etc.)


So.. windfall came in yesterday. My mother had set up Certs of Deposit for all the grandkids when my dad died. They matured this year and dividend checks were sent out to all the kids. Kendra's is enough to cover the cost of the new phone and pay for the next semester at school. (Go, Grandma!!)

When I go up to see Kendra today, I am going to lay out her options. She can A) use the old phone until our contract expires or B) take some money from this check and buy a replacement phone or C) use the old phone and slowly save up the money to replace the phone. Her choice... I honestly don't care what she decides as long as she gets the old phone and I get my new phone back.

I sent out an email to Paul last night detailing this plan. I thought my idea was fair and just. And in this mornings email, he still thinks she shouldn't have to pay to replace her phone. I am really glad he is out of town AND on reverse cycle right now. He's sleeping while we are working and working while we are sleeping. I know it sounds cruel. But I also believe that in this case I am right and he is soooo wrong.



Emmi said...

I'm soooo with you on this one. Both of my kids have their own phone line & this is what we told them ... your phone, your responsibility. If you lose it you replace it or it goes on hold status til the contract is up. If you let your minutes go over your allowance pays for it. So far, so good.

Beth said...

I love the chart, Estela!

I have to say I'm with you on this one. This way, it's a life lesson. We DO have to be responsible for our things, and while it may be a hard lesson to learn, I think it has to be taught.

Hugs, Beth

Lynne said...

Estela, I cracked up when I saw the chart. Too funny! I have to side with you on this one GF!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I think your solution is pragmatic. And the chart is why I do not argue, ever :o)

madison said...

You know I'm all for teaching kids to be responsible so I totally agree with you on this one.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

I say... give the girl a phone... let her pay for it out of the dividend money... and buy the durn insurance on this one!

I'm on your side!

jun said...

I'm with you fellers!
I thought her boyfriend should help her pay for it. he should have locked his car.
furthermore, as one who has had to "hold down the fort" for a soldier husband, I say if he didnt trust you to make good decsions when he is away he would not be able to do his duty to the country for worrying about home.
I bet he has full confidence in you even if he didnt say so!

Scale Junkie said...

Let me preface this by saying I don't have kids but I'm in TOTAL agreement with you. I think its important for kids to not only know the value of all of these expensive toys we hand them but how long it takes to earn that much money.

He may call your terms harsh but in the long run, you're preparing her for the real world.

You are right and he is soooo wrong! But he's only a man and you have to make allowances for that :-)