Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out the door... again

Paul just took off to go back out to Yuma to finish up the testing. It's incredibly early, but he has the first flight out of here. If things go well, he'll be gone less than 10 days.

Smokey will probably be thrilled to have "her" side of the bed back. At least he won't be gone so long this time.

And about 10 days after he gets back we go on Christmas vacation. Still planning to drive to Arizona.

Gas dropped here another 7 cents after my time before last fill-up. Yes, I'm obsessed with the dropping price every time I fill-up. At my very last fill-up, I paid 1.70 a gallon. That was on Black Friday.

This week I will be sewing. And I need to call and make reservations for Smokey at the Kennel. I hope I didn't wait too late.. LOL.. wouldn't that be funny if the reason we don't go is because the cat had no where to stay?

Lastly, the most recent tests continue to be negative. No cancer. Seems it's all routine at this point. Next up is minor "surgery", scheduled for 15 December. It's all good- Paul will be back to help out.


Robin said...

I am crazy over the gas signs! I almost drove off the road the other day when I saw 1.79! That was the cheapest so far...every where else it was about 1.85.

We are planning our road trip to AZ on the 19th of December! I can't wait.

Lynne said...

Hope the trip goes well for Paul and also the tests. God Bless.

friedmsw said...

Hi, Estella! LOVE the Christmas background! Hope that Paul will indeed be able to come back home in ten days-that all will go well with the testing out there. Best wishes to you in all your tests. I can imagine that even if all the news has been good so far it is still anxiety-producing. As for the gas prices, I am going to enjoy them while they last.

jun said...

so glad you got a good report! what a relief!
oh i remember those long drives from ala to new mexico for the holidays! takes forever to get through texas! if you squash any armadillos think of me and smile, lol jun

madison said...

I'm getting caught up with yur journal.
Gas here is about 1.90, which is a huge relief. I can fill my car with $20.00 instead of about $50.00, lol.