Friday, November 28, 2008

OH My, My

Our family Thanksgiving was shared with Tyler. Tyler is Kendra's boyfriend. They've been dating for a little less than 3 months now. Thanksgiving was Paul's first chance to meet him. He makes a good first impression.

We ate later than usual, so that Kendra and Tyler could eat with his parents first and then with us. I'm a nice mom... LOL.

So... Tyler and Kendra head back up to the school after dinner (Tyler had to work last night) and through a series of interesting events, Kendra had her phone and camera stolen from Tyler's car. Initially she thought her car keys had been taken as well, but she found them under the driver's seat this morning. Tyler also had some things stolen, but the thieves didn't find his laptop.

I'm very glad that the kids are safe, they were inside the apartment when things were taken. The car was not hurt (he'd left the door unlocked), so there is no damage that has to be fixed. I'm very glad that her keys were not taken. By chance, her car was not parked in the same parking lot... so if they did fiddle with the keys, they wouldn't have inadvertently found hers.

We had just upgraded and renewed our cellular contract in August. I didn't get replacement insurance because in 10 years we've never lost a cell phone. LOL... but we did keep the old phones as "back ups". So THANKFULLY, I don't have to replace her phone anytime soon. We can just re-connect her old phone and she can save up the money to replace the stolen phone if she wants.

Today Paul and I went out for some of the early sales. We were not out there so early that we had to stand in lines. We did manage to get some great deals and we are down to just two more presents needed. All the kids are done (YAY!), but we still need something for Paul's mom and dad.

Guess that's it for now.


Lynne said...

I need to go shopping with you! I haven't even started (SIGH). Glad your daughter and her BF were not hurt, that's the important thing. I hope they catch the culprits.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Depending on the amount of the loss, it could be filed under homeowner's insurance.

Sounds like you are really enjoying having your husband around! Rightly so!

have a great evening!

Estela said...

I remember my daughter leaving her car unlocked once and she had purse and stereo stolen. Boy, talk about a hassle to close her checking account! Plus id's, etc, luckily she didn't have credit cards yet :-) That was shen she was 19, she's 26 now and the only cc she had was "stolen" by me...I cut it up in front of her to help her bring the balance down so she can start saving for a car of her choice.

Sorry for the loss, but at least there was no damage to the car and her keys were still there.

Estela in South TX

jun said...

you must live in the big city! wow I am so glad your luvies werent hurt, nor the car vandalized.
what a bummer for the holidays to be a time for theives to take advantage of people.
oh my autumn asked if she could spend the dinner at her b.f. house. they are only 14! i wouldnt have dreamed of asking my mom that. so i will have that to look forward to when she gets older.I am overprotective I know. lol

Toon said...

You actually went out on Black Friday??!! I stayed inside and watched the traffic and felt smug about how I'm skipping Christmas this year.