Thursday, April 2, 2009

To touch or not to touch

"OMG, She touched the Queen!" I'm sure the mouse under the Queen's throne is having a fit over Michelle Obama touching Queen Elizabeth during their "private" meeting.

I have to admit I was surprised to see the bit of video that HLN has shown over and over again during the Robin show.

And then I remembered an incident from when Paul was going through flight school.

The Army trains certain allied soldiers in helicopter flight. Among those allies are the United Arab Emerates. We had a few such students in Paul's flight class.

At some point or another there was a formal gathering of the students, teachers and spouses. I had been very specifically drilled that the Arab students do not shake hands with women. I was told to not hold out my hand for a handshake. I was instructed to keep my hands at my side and make the greeting verbal. No problem.

When Paul introduced me to one of the Arab students with whom he had forged a "friendship", I kept my hands to my side. I said "How do you do? " without lifting a hand.... and he... well.. he stuck out his hand for a traditional american handshake!
I felt that etiquette required me to take and shake. So I did. But I could tell he was very uncomfortable with the handshake.

Who knows.. perhaps they were drilled to shake the spouses hands... that it would be rude to do otherwise.

So.. I think we can cut Michelle Obama some slack. After all, the Queen touched her first.

No school today = no work at home .... or...

The school called at 6:20 this morning to let us know that school was cancelled. Too bad they can't make these decisions the night before so we can sleep in. Ah well... back to bed and when we finally wake up rested, I'm gonna try to enlist the kids so we can get some house cleaning and packing done.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's so Soggy!

We've had rain this week. The rivers are over their banks in a lot of areas on and off post. I've had to take the longer routes when I go off post because my usual route is seriously under water.

Paul comes home on Friday (YAY!), I have sufficiently procrastinated that I am feeling the stress. The rain doesn't help... I have stuff I need to trundle off to storage and I hate to have to move it through the rain. But... I do have the rest of today and tomorrow to start making some headway.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Do You Twitter?

Apparently the new craze is Twitter. All the cool "kids" are doing it! I've been hearing about on The View (yes, I watch the view... I keep hoping for some really good arguments.) Anyway.. now Elisabeth and Sherry are twittering too. But Joy, Whoopi and Barbara are holdouts. They don't have the time to twitter.

I have signed up. I am "following" Danny Bonaduce and Wil Wheaton.. as well as Elisabeth and Sherry. It's kind of interesting, but to be honest not something I forsee myself obsessing over.

but for getting a concise bit of dribble out, it works.
So... do any of you twitter?