Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Heather

1. I have several bible verses that I have committed to memory that give me strength when I am discouraged. Can you share a few of your favorite? Or maybe just a quote or passage or song lyric that you find empowering?
Romans 8:28 ;I Corinthians 13: 4-13; Psalms 18:2; Psalm 23 (especially useful during times of great stress) My favorite quote is "God grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept what I can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference." (paraphrased I am sure)

2. What would you consider your "lean" years as far as finances are concerned? Many might say college - or when they were newly married. Tell me about your hard times and how you survived... ramen noodles? I may glean some tips that help us get through!
Our leanest years were probably the first five or so years of marriage. Paul was still in college when we were first married. To make ends meet, we had "meatless" meals every other day. Used all our leftovers. Stayed in most evenings, but once a month we'd go to the dollar theatre and then play $5.00 worth of tokens at the local game arcade (it was the 80's, after all). Even now, I try to use coupons for products that we use all the time. I also use a lot of generics.

3. I'm interested in your love stories. It's discouraging to not be "lucky in love". My first marriage was abyssmal. My second marriage was, without a doubt, the greatest disappointment I've ever faced. I want to hear stories about how you may have given up on finding someone special and ended up meeting him.
Funny story, although I have always wanted children, I was not so thrilled with the prospect of marriage. In spite of that, I have always had a mental list of the things I wanted in a partner. Whenever I dated, I would compare the guy to my list and make a decision early on if this was for "play" or one that could be for "keeps". My first date with Paul was for a New Year's Eve party in 1977/78. My then boyfriend was pouting and didn't want to go to the party, but since it was being held by my oldest friend, I felt obligated to go, so I called on my good buddy Paul. He went with me, kissed me at midnight and that was it. He was an excellent kisser, a very considerate guy. My boyfriend got the boot after that night and Paul and I began dating. When we were still in the very early stages of dating, my brother got married. I did not take Paul to the wedding. But I caught the bouquet and as it touched my hands I heard a very booming voice in my head say "You will marry Paul Steele." I have always felt that we were meant to be together since that day.
We became engaged at Christmas 1979, married on May 29, 1982. It hasn't always been easy, but we have always tried to respect each other, love each other, and protect each other.

4. I'm loving having TV again after 3 weeks of not really watching. I'm a big tv junkie. My favorite show right now is Jon & Kate Plus 8... what show are you watching obsessively and why?
My absolute must watch TV is The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, The Ghost Whisperer, Army Wives.
The two reality series I always try to watch are The Biggest Loser and the Amazing Race.

5. I'm also a big magazine reader. I love People, Shape, Self, Weight Watchers, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping... lots and lots of random mags. What magazine do you never miss? Why?
I have subscriptions to Cooking Light (love their recipes), Health, Women's Health, Fitness. I buy regularly People, Smart Shopper.


friedmsw said...

Enjoyed reading your answers and getting to know you better. Thanks for sharing!!

madison said...

I'vwe been wondering if you were over here yet, don't know how I missed you.

Robin said...

I love Army Wives. Sometimes it is hard to me to watch when my husband is deployed...too real ya know? I can't believe we are down to two more shows before the season ends...they look like they are going to be good ones too!

I was born and raised in AZ. I didn't move away until hubby joined the AF. I love seeing all these new places but I still miss home at times too! What part of AZ are you from? I was born in Mesa and grew up in Tempe.