Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quarantine- A movie review/warning

The girls and I had a fab time shopping in Montgomery. Mostly it was books that we purchased, but we did hit a few clothing stores and grabbed a movie.

We saw the new movie Quarantine. I want to warn folks that haven't seen all that much about it yet. It is another of those "hand-held camera" movies. OMG! Both Kim and I walked out of the movie with headaches and stomach upset.

To be honest, I liked the movie itself and really thought they had a good idea here.... just wish they could have shot it with a stationary camera. Without giving anything away.... the movie follows a "reality" reporter and her camera man on what they think is going to be a routine episode of their television show. Along the lines of a "____ for a day" type reality reporting, they are following the Fire Department in Los Angeles. It is anything but typical. As the audience, since we are not as freaked out as the quarantined people, we can slowly deduce what has happened through pieces of dialogue and the series of events that are recorded by cameraman Scott.

Again... I wish that they had used a still camera for many of the scenes. The headache and nausea made it hard to appreciate the action and frightening conditions that were unfolding.

This movie is very intense.... and the jerky hand held camera doesn't help. If you felt ill after Cloverfield, you most likely will after this movie too.

Another hour of shopping helped settle our stomachs, and dinner took care of the headache.


Ericanbiloxi said...

I am going to watch this movie this week.
Glad ya'll had fun shopping.

Beth said...

We'll probably wait for this one on DVD, and it probably won't be so nausea-inducing!

Glad you had fun!


Linda said...

Mandy saw the movie and said the exact same thing!! She said she came out of there with a splitting headache, but thought the film was good. I'm glad you had a good day with your sounded like so much fun! I love the picture...they are all so cute!

Pooh Hugs,

friedmsw said...

I am glad that you had fun shopping. It is so fun to shop for books! Even though I live in Alabama, I have not been to Montgomery in several years. For me, I always thought that a neat vacation would be to visit some of the sites in my own state. However, I just have not gotten around to doing that. After seeing advertisements for the movie I don't think that I would like it. I get too dizzy anyway! LOL I don't need to see a hand-held camera movie in a theater. I guess the directors and producers wanted to make an artistic statement.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful week!!

Teresa said...

Glad you had a good time :) I want to see Quarantine also ~ but will wait till it's out on DVD then will get it via the mail thru Blockbusters LOL. Blessings* Teresa