Thursday, October 16, 2008

Medical Update

As is so often the case, it's never what you expect. I saw Dr. Fontanella today and reviewed my labs and my ultrasound results.

It's not the worst, but it's not necessarily good either. I have a cyst on my right ovary (hmm.. guess that explains the question from the tech), and several fibroids in/on (?) the uterus. While Dr. Fontanella stressed that the radiologist did not think anything was cancerous, he was also insistent that I set up my appointment with the gyn specialist very soon. The way the military clinics work, we have to wait for a referral letter before we can make the appointment (so the insurance will pay). Usually a 7-10 day process. Dr. Fontanella said not to wait longer than 7 days. I'm not exactly sure the reason for the rush if it's not "cancerous".... anyway.. Dr. Fontanella discussed two possible outcomes that the gyn might suggest. And Dr. Fontanella would like to see this situation (surgery) concluded within a month.

Hard to have a warm and fuzzy about the "not cancer" statement when he's being so hurry, hurry, hurry. In the meantime, my iron level is far too low and I have been placed on iron supplements until things are resolved.

Called Paul immediately after I left the clinic (sitting in my car). I have to admit.. I'm kind of nervous about what comes next. I probably freaked him out too.

So I'm thinking that our Christmas plans have changed. No traveling for us. I'd rather change the plans now than have to change them last minute. I'm not sure I could handle the disappointment later. Just better to know I'm gonna be home (here) for the holidays.


Beth said...

Estela, I'm sorry to hear that you'll have to have surgery, but I've had plenty of friends who had similar surgery, and they did just fine. As for the rush, I'd guess that part of it is that your iron level is so low, and they want to correct that right away. Also, any time you have a cyst or fibroids, you really don't want to delay--they can get bigger, press on other organs, etc., etc. So try not to worry overly much, although I know it's probably scary.

Keep us posted, and you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Beth

Tightening the Corset Again said...

I'm with Beth... I'm of the mind that the rush is due to complications of cysts (such as rupture) and damage to other organs, low iron count, etc. Breathe! It's going to be ok. Don't cancel your travel plans yet!


Robin said...

So gotta love military insurance. I am guessing it is tricare. I get so tired of jumping thru their hoops just to get seen.

Hang in there and try not to worry. My mom always tells me "Don't borrow trouble Robin" it will be okay Estela.

Sherry said...

Now we take it slow and take one breath at a time , and if you feel we can't do that let me know because I will breathe for you , There is nothing we can do about what we don't know so we go see the doctor , we wait for results and then we make decisions , until then we pray and we breathe slowly ..
sending you hugs and prayers

Anonymous said...

I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery!
i was tolsd i had a cyst 13 years could not be operated on as i was pregnant with the last of my seven.i truly forgot about it until i read this in your blog!!!
have never had fibroids though. these days they can work miracles and wonders with these conditions so please stay hopeful! jun

friedmsw said...

Hi, Estella!! I can only imagine that you are feeling nervous about all of this. I had a cyst on my ovary that ruptured. That could be one reason why the MD does not want to wait beyond the seven days. This does not mean that it is going to rupture, he just does not want to take that chance. I am sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I remember crying my eyes out when I was faced with gyn surgery.

Please keep us posted!

Linda said...

I'm getting caught up here, I've had some bad days with a new medicine I'm taking, but today I've been able to sit up all day without being dizzy or sick.

I'm so sorry that you have found a cyst, but thank God that your Doctor thinks it is non cancerous. I can understand your worry though, and that is normal. Just know you have many friends here, including me, who will be praying for you and pulling for you to get through this in the most positive way. Keep us informed!

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Slapinions said...

Ah, that's lousy news. But take heart in the rest of the comments here and know that it will all turn out ok.


madison said...

I will be keeping you in my thoughts with your surgery. I've had 2 cysts on my cervix for the past several years. They just seem to be "there." But don't cancel your family travel plans yet, you may be just fine to travel around the holidays.

Joann said...

Estela, I had a cyst removed from my left ovary when Chris was about 4, i think. It's very common, the procedure is common, and it's almost never cancer... so please don't worry, all will be ok.