Sunday, October 19, 2008

Research, Research, and oh, yeah, Research

I have spent a few days doing some basic research with respect to the uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Not such a drastic concern. Apparently plenty of women have these things just hanging out. If there is no secondary reason for removing them, a "watch and see" attitude is taken.

Apparently the low iron is enough of a secondary reason to at least carry this further. I think my appointment with the gyn will be more productive now. Not so much a need for surgery.. .but one of many options. I'm good. Thanks for the support and I will keep you posted.


Linda said...

I'm glad you are feeling more encouraged about things, and hope your Doctor adds to it at your appointment. I'm keeping you in my prayers...and sending positive thoughts your way.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

Beth said...

Knowledge is power! Good for you, Estela, for researching and learning more about it. The more you know, the better you can speak to your doctor about it and discuss all the options.

Hugs, Beth

friedmsw said...

Glad that you were able to find the information that you needed. These days it really pays to do the research on your own. I agree with beth, the more you know the more you will be able to talk to your doctor about options and about what to expect. It is good to hear that you are feeling better about it. I am sure it is still disconcerting, but it is not as much of a mystery. Take care and keep us posted on what is going on.

Joann said...

Sorry, I haven't been around... I sure am glad to hear your spirits are up... keeping you in my prayers!!


Sherry said...

I am keeping you in my prayers and wishing all the luck ..

madison said...

I'm glad your feeling better about things.