Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mac has that male weight loss gene thing going on!

Normally, this sort of thing would piss me off if it were my husband losing so easily. But I have to admit I am just so darn proud of what Mac has accomplished thus far this fall.

Over the summer, our very sendentary life style got the better of all of us. In spite of concerted efforts to get us up and moving.. humidity and inertia kept us sitting still..

Well.. once the kids started school in early August... Mac suddenly became Mr. Motivation Man. Suddenly, he was asking for my help and assistance with making better food choices and exercising. He had to take a slight break in late Aug/early Sept when he had what we thought were shin splints, but turned out to be some other syndrome instead (common in adolescent boys). At any rate... at his first visit to the doctor he weighed in at 195 and for him.. that was IT! As soon as the doctor allowed him to go back to exercising, Mac really has kept at it.

He has faithfully walked 2 miles a day, including weekends. He is eating less. Without giving up any of his favorites. He still eats chicken fingers, he still eats dessert (though not as much), he still drinks Mountain Dew. We (Mac and I) have been going to the gym twice a week to strength train and play basketball. He has increased his milk consumption and his water consumption.

Yesterday was his weigh-in. He is now down to 182 pounds. He wants to lose a bit more and he's doing it in such a sensible way. The perfect example of "eat less and exercise more".

He's inspiring ME to step things up a bit.


Ericanbiloxi said...

Yay for Mac!!!
Having a partner in this fight is so great.
I know what you mean about the sedentary life and the heat being a big factor.....the seasons are changing so I guess we gotta to. lol

Linda said...

WHOOHOO Mac! It sounds like he needs to come here and be my inspiration too....maybe even my personal trainer :) Good for him, you have every right to be proud...he stepped up and took control of his health. Very cool, indeed!

Pooh Hugs,

Beth said...

Wow, that's awesome! Great job, Mac!

Emmi said...

Vwey cool story. My son has recently asked me for help losing weight too. He's 12 & has lost 5 pounds over the last couple of months. It's alwasy great to see our children succeed.

madison said...

Can your son come to my house and help me get back into my routine to, lol?? I havne't done anything because things have just been so crazy here.

Indigo said...

Way to go Mac. I always say the key to dieting is exercise. If you take away too many favorite foods you feel cheated and deprived, less motivated to get to your goal. (Hugs)Indigo