Thursday, October 2, 2008

OMG! I turned my hair CALICO!

Have I mentioned that Paul is out of town again? He's been gone for three weeks and will be gone until Thanksgiving. Clearly, this gives me too much time to find stupid things to do... LOL
So, I found my first gray hair at age 17. By the time I was 30, I was coloring my hair to cover the gray. Recently I've been curious as to how much gray I now have (compared to the dark hair). I found a product at Walmart for removing artificial color from hair.

Yesterday, I bought a box of the stuff (and after reading the caution on the back of the box), I also bought a bottle of a new color, just in case.

The instructions INSIDE the box tell you that your hair is going to turn orange.. that this process is for removing excess color so that you can put new color in your hair. One would think that this statement would be enough to deter me. NOPE..

I did the little patch test and the results looked very promising, so I proceded to apply the product to my hair. I discovered that there isn't enough product in the box for my length of hair. So I did the best I could do, combing the solution all through my hair. Then I waited the 50 minutes.

I now have calico cat hair. ... layers of orange and dark. There is no way in this mess that I can tell how much gray I have. So. .the experiment was a failure. I'll be coloring my hair later this afternoon. I guess if I want to know how much gray is there, I'm gonna have to do this the old fashion way and just let it grow out.

File this under... lessons learned: hair color foibles.


Beth said...

Estela...oh dear. I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but chuckle at your subject line! I can tell from the pictures that you're none too happy about it! I hope the recoloring went better than the decoloring!

Hugs, Beth

Ericanbiloxi said...

Thanks for being the guinne pig, test monkey....whatevah ya wanna call it. lol, I have wondered how this stuff works and now I know.
So what color and brand are ya gonna use.
I last used the French Roast by Feria, i is the one with triple the highlights. I like it a lot.

Linda said...

I'm all gray...UGH! Actually, I like the red cast to your must look more orange in person! I hope you like it better when you do it over...and just think, when Paul gets home he will just think you did it once and loved it :)

Pooh Hugs,

Sherry said...

ok you have to go on a road trip with me and vee this is a thelma and louise move if I ever saw one lmao that is just too funny , and paul would love it .. so what color are you today darlin

jun said...

Hi! I am now sporting burgandy hair! i bought a bunch of haircolors on clearance and my kids used all the good colors and left only this one. well the grey hair was looking depressing so i used it anyway. my oldest daughter visited and saw my hair and said i looked great! scared of you girlfriend she added, lol OH I am a friend of madisons and saw your comment on there and decided to visit . i live in alabama too and we are retired army.